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Spinnerets to be used in the manufacturing of viscose, acetate and acrylic fibers are made from precious metals. The shape and type of holes of these spinnerets differ considerably from those used for melt spinning. They are made from metal sheets, which are shaped to form a kind of hat or ring.

Hollow Spinnerets

Spinnerets hollow fiber membranes used in water treatment. It is a production of single wire porous hollow fiber membrane spinning head assembly, the components includes a multi-tube spinneret, a needle, a flat, both of the base and the middle parts are spinnerets.

Staple fiber silk spray head

Made of Tantalum high quality material

Oblate Spray head

Made of Tantalum high quality material. Useful in silk and chemical fiber manufacturing area.

Abnormity borespray head

Made of Tantalum high quality material.