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As a result of the continuous and extensive research work with spinning plates, the long standing continuous experience depositing of metals with best co-operation of reputed metal Laboratories and valuable customers, ARCHANA ENGINEERING CO. offers best quality spinning plates.

Our products are well known especially by the extreme precision of the bore holes, which meet all top requirements, due to the purpose they are intended for. We are always pleased to follow customers special and particular wishes by supplying wanted and essential parts in accordance with their drawings or draughts.

Our Range of Products includes

  • SPINNERETS - Flat spinnerets, circular and square in shape Cup and Pot-type nozzles.Bi-Component spinnerets.
  • Melt Distributor Plates, Dies, Breaker Plates.
  • ADAPTORS for interchangeability of different diameters spinnerets in same spin pack.
  • PACK bodies
  • Metering Pump of 2.4 cc To 250 cc

Our Vision


“Quality & precision are one of the key objectives of concern at Archana on the production line. We take it as a responsibility and not as a standard of requirement.”

Our Mission


Archana Engineering shall achieve excellence in its Manufacturing activity with focus on Zero Defect,On Time Delivery and Enhancing Range of Products. We will strive to implement the most innovative engineering concepts in practice and will remain dynamic in responding to our customer requirements and ensure their satisfaction at all times.”