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Archana Engineering Company

Better products & Better economics makes us your favorable partner in providing you with Spinnerets, Metering Pumps, Distribution/Breaker Plates, Pack body, Nozzles etc.

Located at Vadodara - INDIA, with the advantage of easy availability of skilled & semi-skilled labour, better infrastructure and contracting industrial services, favorable government policy, makes us a better choice than most. Quality & precision are one of the key objectives of concern at Archana on the production line. We take it as a responsibility and not as a standard of requirement.


Quality Policy


Our commitment is to establish and maintain an effective quality system that allows us to deliver products/services at the highest level of customer satisfaction and to demonstrate compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Our products are well known especially by the extreme precision of the bore holes, which meet all top requirements, due to the purpose they are intended for.